John Holtger Racing

2018 Midwest Mod Kart Champion & 2018 Mod Kart World Champion


The 2018 Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League Pro & Sportsman Banquet was held this past weekend (Feb 9 & 10) in Bark River Harris, MI. John and his crew packed up and traveled to Upper Michigan to join the 550 other attendees at this great event put on by M.O.R.R. and Lucas Oil!

John knew he was going to be presented as the 2018 Midwest Mod Kart Points Champion, but there were some other surprises that he had no idea about!   39DBEA66-4527-4804-8F3C-F1F229BB7D3B

During the M.O.R.R.’s meeting on Saturday afternoon it was announced that John was nominated for the 2018 Driver of the Year Award! This was some very exciting and unexpected news!

As the awards ceremony for the Mod Kart Champion award was underway, John took the stage and gave his speech thanking his parents, grandparents, sponsors, and crew! It was a wild season that offered many challenges along the way, but John stayed focused, worked hard, and raced his way to the top!

When the class awards were finished, Tina from Crandon International Raceway took the stage to announce the 2018 World Champions. This is recognition  to the winners of the Sunday 18CFA264-A165-42FB-9238-B08788FB5FBDWorld Champion Challenge Races that are held every on the last day of the fall Crandon Race weekend. As the list of winners was posted on all of the projection screens throughout the banquet hall, John proudly made his way back up to the stage to accept the highly coveted Crandon Champion ring for the Mod Kart race!

While John did not receive the 2018 Driver of the Year Award, it was an honor in itself just to be nominated in this category next to the list of accomplished drivers he was competing against!

John would like to extend his appreciation to his sponsors, family, crew, and everyone else that supported him over the last year on this journey! Let’s make 2019 a repeat!




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