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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series National & Regional Race Weekend – March 16 & 17

The John Holtger Racing Team is back on the road again! In Mid March the team traveled to San Bernardino, CA for the LOORRS “kick off” So Cal ShootOut race of the 2019 season! DSC_5157For the first time ever, LOORRS decided to do a joint National and Regional race on the same weekend! Saturday hosted the National races and Sunday hosted the Regional races.

The road to Glen Helen was a site to see! Race trailers were lined up patiently waiting to set up in the pits for an exciting weekend! While the weather was sunny and warm, the wind was out of control! This put a large strain on Friday’s schedule, as practice had to be postponed until later afternoon due to the wind gusts.

DSC_7309.jpg22 drivers participated in the Mod Kart class on Saturday for the National race. John started the day in a good spot, with qualifying 7th. John was racing hard with some good battles going on! As he made his way into 5th, a couple of karts rolled over on turn 2 causing him to fall back. As John attempted to make up some time near the last lap, he was clipped by another kart pushing him into the corner on the 2nd to last turn. He had to restart his engine to get going again. This put him back in 7th, where he finished. Overall, this was a great first race!

Sunday the weather was fantastic and the wind died down finally!  John qualified 5th for the Regional race out of 17 drivers! What a battle this race was! The top 5 qualifiers DSC_7351.jpgbattled hard to take a place on the podium! After several cautions, it was anyone’s win! The last lap offered the most excitement! John was neck and neck with 2 other karts to move into the 2nd and 3rd spots as they went around turn 3. On turn 4 one of the other karts clipped the driver in the 2nd spot, who was directly in front of John. John made a quick maneuver to the left, just barely missing crashing into this driver! As he cleared the last turn the top 3 karts raced to the finish line! John ended up taking a proud 3rd place podium finish!

This was a great weekend to kick off the 2019 race season! John and the team are very excited to see what the season brings!



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