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Stadium Super Trucks- Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI August 23 & 24

IMG_4798John made his debut in the Stadium Super Trucks race at the NASCAR XFINITY event at Road America the weekend of Aug 23 & 24! John started his week in North Carolina with Team Gordon as the SST Headquarters. With this being John’s first race, they wanted him to get some more practice in and get a feel for the truck! John was able to spend some quality time in the truck that Monday and Tuesday.

IMG_4707Things kicked off on Thursday afternoon as John had a front row seat to see the SST hauler arrive with the trucks! The #44 Race-Driven backed truck was a site to see near the front of the hauler! After watching the SST Team unload the trucks, and set up the paddock, John had a chance to meet some of the drivers.

Friday morning we found out that SST was able to get a 3rd race added to the weekend schedule. This changed around Friday’s lineup…practice and qualifying were now scheduled in the morning and the 1st race would kick off Friday afternoon! John had some good laps, considering this was his first time actually running the truck on the full track and taking the jumps at full speed! Due to this being John’s first venture into SST Racing, he started all races over the weekend on the pole with the seasoned veterans in line behind him.

IMG_4772John was able to race with all of the drivers over the weekend, and built his comfort and skill level to a point that in the last race on Saturday he was able to hold off veteran driver, Bill Hynes, over the last jump and crossed the finish line in front of him!

The weekend was an awesome opportunity that will not be forgotten! The racing, the experience with SST and NASCAR XFINITY, and the fans was phenomenal! The fan base both days was unlike anything John has experienced in Off-Road racing! It was a lot of fun to see the fans come from all over to support John and this event!

This weekend would not have been possible without the support of our partners: Race-Driven, Millennium, Auto Haus, Astro Hydraulics, Inc. and Holtger Bros., Inc.

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