John Holtger Racing

John Holtger racing

🏆 team @yokohamatire athlete
🏁 pro4, pro2, pro lite, pro mod, late model
🏁2022 debut pro2 winner🥇
🏁2020 pro lite champion 🥇
🏁2019 sxs world champion 🥇

Our team:

John Holtger Racing is a well-known name in the world of motorsports, with a history of success spanning over several racing series. Based out of Wisconsin, the team has competed in various high-profile racing events regionally and nationally. Led by the eponymous John Holtger, the team has built a reputation for excellence through its tireless dedication, exceptional skill, and unwavering commitment to the sport. With a talented driver and crew members, state-of-the-art equipment, and a passion for racing, John Holtger Racing continues to make a mark in the racing world and inspire a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts.

Upcoming Events

2024 AMSOIL OFF-ROAD Championship

2024 National Tour